Specialist Family Law Solicitors & Drink/Drug Driving Lawyers in Sutherland Shire

Leeds Lawyers will ensure that you receive premier legal representation in order to protect you and your families’ interests. We regularly attain outstanding results in a variety of matters for our clients in the Sutherland Shire including drug/drink driving offences, RMS licence suspension appeals, domestic violence offences and ADVO’s, family law disputes, divorce and child custody agreements.

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Experienced Drug & Drink Driving Offence Lawyers with Licence Suspension Appeals

A criminal record against your name can hinder you for the rest of your life. Employability, disqualification, travel privileges & insurance – you may be surprised how often it can have a detrimental effect on your future.

When charged with drug or drink driving offences, Leeds Lawyers work tirelessly to persuade the Court not to impose a conviction and discharge you by way of a Conditional Release order when appropriate. This means you won’t receive a criminal record, fine or disqualification. If your licence have been suspended by the RMS, we can assist in successfully appealing the decision.

Resolving Family Law Matters, Specialising in Divorce, Child Custody & Domestic Violence

The breakdown of a family   can be especially difficult for everyone involved, particularly when dealing with divorce, child custody arrangements or domestic violence. Leeds Lawyers have a wealth of experience in providing legal guidance to our Sutherland Shire clients with your best interests being our paramount concern. We provide comprehensive  advice for your unique situation regarding parenting arrangements or Court Orders and navigating complex property and disputes.

Why Leeds Lawyers are the Right Professional Representation for Your Case

  • Throughout the entire process, you will work closely with our leading Principal Solicitor to receive the best representation for your case
  • We have a long track record of successful results in cases ranging from family law matters like child custody, divorce and domestic abuse, to drug and drink driving offences, as well as RMS licence suspension appeals
  • We have competitive and transparent fixed costs for criminal matters.
  • We continue to utilise excellent working relationships with other solicitors and the police, benefiting the interests of our Sutherland Shire clients
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