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Leeds Lawyers help clients throughout Australia gain back control over their lives and their licences. The decision of the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to suspend your license is appealable in many circumstances. This means you can elect to have the decision reviewed by a Court and seek a more lenient outcome.

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We assist you every step of the way and advise you of the court process, including what to expect at court and how to properly prepare character references and medical evidence. Contact us now for a free confidential case assessment with our lawyers who understand that every case is unique and your license is a necessity.

Our expertise pays dividends in obtaining a very high success rate for clients facing am RMS license suspension appeal in courts all over New South Wales. We help you get you back on the road as soon as possible by employing a number of strategies to demonstrate to the Court that you are a fit and proper person to hold a license.

Unrestricted license holders can file an RMS license appeal in the following circumstances:

  1. speeding 30km/h over the limit
  2. speeding 45km/h over the limit

Learner, P1 and P2 license holders can file an RMS license appeal as follows:

  1. Accumulation of demerit points
  2. Any speeding offence committed on a Provisional 1 license (P1).
  3. For offences of speeding 30km/h or 45km/h over the limit.

You do not have a right of appeal against the decision of the Local Court when it determines your RMS license appeal. This means you only have one opportunity to convince the Court.

You have 28 days to file your appeal from the date of your letter of suspension. Once filed, you can continue to drive until your appeal has been finalised.

The Court can uphold, dismiss or vary your appeal.

When the appeal is upheld, the decision of the RMS to suspend your license will be quashed and no suspension will apply. Your demerit points will remain on your license.

Even in circumstances where your appeal is dismissed, the court has the power to reduce the period of your suspension being either 3 or 6 months to any period they deem fit, but no less than one day. For all provisional license holders, your demerit points for that particular suspension period will be cleared after completing the court ordered period of suspension.

If your appeal is dismissed entirely, this is because you have failed to demonstrate to the Court that you are a fit and proper person to hold a license. The original suspension period issues by the RMS remains in force.

Unrestricted license holders who have exceeded their 13 demerit point allowance within 3 years will be subject to an RMS suspension. As a way to avoid the suspension, you may apply for a good behaviour license for 12 months

If you have committed an offence which exceeds two demerit points or more whilst holding a good behaviour license, you will be suspended for double the period of the original suspension you faced.

If your license is a necessity, contact our office to discuss the options you have in electing to take your infringement to court and seeking that the matter is dealt with by way of a Conditional Release Order (without a conviction). It is important to obtain legal advice before going to Court as an unsuccessful Court election will be recorded as a conviction and the court also has the power to increase the original fine.

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If you are stressed about your suspended licence, having direct and exclusive access to an experienced principal solicitor can help you better understand the court process and achieve a favourable result. Our principal solicitor, Mark Kryakos, has the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the appeal process, ensuring you get a great result.

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